David H. Koch

David H. Koch | employment

Having an inherited wealth after his father's death was a great challenge for Mr. Koch. How will he continue her father's Jobs work? How will he manage the employment company left by his father?

Son of Koch Industries founder Fred Koch. With brother Charles, inherited holdings after father's death, today brothers run $35 billion (sales) business: oil services, pipelines, refineries, asphalt, chemicals, ranches. Last year buried the hatchet with litigious brother Bill (see), who claimed he was shortchanged in his inheritance. Koch Industries' $1 billion deal with Entergy filling energy-trading void left by Enron.

Mr. Koch, recently called the wealthiest resident of New York City, has agreed to contribute $100 million toward the renovation of the New York State Theater, which is home to the two companies. His gift will be the largest private capital donation in Lincoln Center’s history and a triumph in a period of growing economic uncertainty.

David H. Koch


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