In his student days at MIT, Charles G. Koch rigorously studied the laws of science and principles of engineering. Throughout his adult life, he has applied the same mental discipline to methodically investigating the preconditions for prosperity. It has led him to an intensive, lifelong study of free societies.

Koch's studies have made him a passionate believer in free societies. True to his scientific bent----he holds a bachelor's and two master's degrees from MIT-Koch has systematized his beliefs into what he refers to as the "Science of Liberty." Its central premise: that free societies are the greatest generators of prosperity, and not just of economic prosperity, but of social, political, and cultural well-being, too.

Starting from that foundation, Koch has integrated theory and practice through continuous experimentation, and produced a powerful and effective management methodology, Market-Based Management (MBM). MBM aims to take what drives superior results in free societies and apply it to other realms, be they businesses or nonprofits, large or small. In the for-profit setting, MBM enables managers to create growth by applying the rules of market economics to their businesses.