Vladimir Lisin

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Vladimir Lisin
has been a member of the Board Directors of Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) since 1996 and its chairman since 1998.

His first job was as a mechanic in a coal mine. After graduating from a college in Siberia got a job as a steelworker. In 1991, when his boss was appointed minister of metallurgy, Lisin came with him to Moscow. The next year joined up with a tough group of traders called Trans-World Group, which came to dominate Russia's aluminum and steel exports. Since 1993, he has served as a Board member of several leading Russian metal producers, including NLMK, MMK and Sayansk and Novokuznetsk Aluminium Plants. He previously worked as Deputy Chief Engineer and as Deputy General Director of the Karaganda Steel Plant, one of Kazakhstan’s four largest steel plants. A graduate of the Siberian Metallurgic Institute, he started his career at the Tulachermet Metals Works as a foreman, rising through the ranks to become section manager and shop manager. His postgraduate studies include an MSc in 1989, a PhD in engineering and DSc in economics. He holds various patents for metallurgical processes and has published numerous articles on metallurgy and economics.

He is a professor of the Academy of National Economy and the holder of the Council of Ministers’ prize in the science and engineering (1989), the Honorary Metallurgist of Russia (1999), the Knight of the Order of Honour of the Russian Federation (2000) and the Knight of the Order of St. Sergiy Radonezhsky (2001).

Dr. Lisin was born on May 7, 1956 in Ivanovo. He is married, with three children.

Vladimir Lisin

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    Perseverance and hard work really pays you off... What an individual only needs is to be an achiever and know what he really wants in life just like the man named Vladimir Lisin who is one of the living wealthiest man in the world today, me myself can hardly believe that his first work was in a mining job working as a mechanic in a coal mine...

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