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Made his fortune in property as founder of Henderson Land - an employment company.Adding to wealth through investments in such recent initial offerings as Nine Dragons, the paper manufacturer founded by fellow billionaire Yan Cheung. A great example, seeing his jobs work.

Born in Guangdong, Dr Lee Shau Kee settled in Hong Kong in his early years and has since been actively engaged in property development and other commercial businesses for over 40 years. Dr Lee is the founder of Henderson Land Development Company Limited and has been the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company since 1976. Dr Lee is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Henderson Investment Limited, Chairman of Henderson Cyber Limited, Executive Director of Henderson China Holdings Limited, Chairman of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, Miramar Hotel and Investment Company Limited, and Vice-Chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited. Dr Lee also holds directorship of various companies, including Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Company Limited and The Bank of East Asia Limited.

Dr Lee has made tremendous contributions towards the promotion of Hong Kong's economic prosperity. His enthusiastic support has also been instrumental to many major educational and cultural development projects both in Hong Kong and overseas. Dr Lee is the Chairman of Pei Hua Education Foundation Company Limited, and the Honorary Councilor of Rehabilitation International.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong benefited immensely from the support and encouragement given by Dr Lee over the years. Since 1977, Dr Lee has been a Member of the then Advisory Board of the Three-year MBA Programme (later reconstituted as the Advisory Board of the MBA Programmes), and a Member on the Board of Trustees of the United College since 1988. In 1993, Dr Lee was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Social Science by the Chinese University. Dr Lee has given to the Chinese University magnanimous donations in support of various human resources development and scholarly pursuits. In 1991, Dr Lee made a most generous donation to support the CUHK-Yale South China Studies Programme, which provided fellowships for doctoral students and funds for engaging experienced researchers and lectureships, built up library collections and research resources, and financed research projects and academic conferences. The research programme has enabled successful collaboration between Yale University and the Chinese University, enhanced the understanding of South China by practitioners in various professions and the commercial sector, thereby contributing towards the continued development of Hong Kong and South China.

Lee Shau Kee

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