Christy Walton

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Christy Ruth Walton is the wife of late John T. Walton. After his death in June 2005, she inherited his fortune of $15.7 billion. As of March 2007, she is the 24th richest person in the Forbes World's Billionaires, and lately the richest woman in the United States at rank #12 with a net worth of $16.3 billion dollars published by Forbes 400 Richest Americans in September, 2007.

She currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming. She has one son, Luke.

Daughter-in-law of Sam Walton (d. 1992), who began retail career 1940 making $75 a month as a clerk for J.C. Penney. Opened Ben Franklin 5-and-dime store in Newport, Ark. 5 years later; lost lease 1950. With brother James L., opened new chain of general stores in Bentonville, Ark. 1962. Took Wal-Mart public 1970, now world's largest retailer, with 6,500 stores in 15 countries; 1.8 million employees serve 176 million customers a week. Sales: $315 billion. Company claims to save average American household $2,300 a year. But stock down 10% since beginning of 2005; Wall Street unimpressed by earnings. Family controls 40% of Wal-Mart. Christy: widow of John Walton, who died when his ultralight aircraft crashed last summer.

Christy Walton
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